Translate your app for the rest of the world. With a single file upload.

We localize your app with human translators into 38 different languages.

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Multiple language translations of an app screen

Optimize your app for the world

The App Store is global. When your app isn’t localized, it hurts App Store ranking, usability, engagement and more. We provide accurate, app-specific translations with little effort.

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diagram of the process of getting an XLIFF file translated with App Meets World

Simple localization process - no SDKs required

Other companies may require you to embed their SDKs into your app. With App Meets World, no code changes or SDKs are required; we handle it all through XLIFF files.

Professional human translations in hours

While most turnaround times in the industry are measured in days, you’ll get translations back in hours. Detailed attention will be paid to the tone, subject, and meaning of your text resulting in more downloads and more satisfied users.

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